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And that’s why I never miss.”


So what’s the scariest thing you’ve ever seen in your whole life? Because a wall of weird burning bellboy zombie fight-automatons is now at the top of mine.

Hawkeye V4 #20

Anonymous asked: Okay, so I've only been able to read up to issue #13, and I can't afford to get the others that have come out, and I can't stand it anymore. Can you like, give me a general synopsis of what's happened? Like with Kate in Cal.? I know about Clint's deafening, but not really how it happened.


I am really sorry it took me so long to answer this question. RL and a dead computer added layers of complexity to being able to answer. Sorry.

So. This is chocked full of SPOILERS, while at the same time basically skimming over the details.

Any way. Okay. So Kate got into a huge mess in California, thus living up to the name of Hawkeye. It was only resolved in the most recent issue, # 20. She landed back on Madame Masque’s radar and after some ridiculous shenanigans extracted herself from the afore mentioned mess ( which included super creepy clones and a plot full of rich assholes and SHIELD serving their own interests) and decided to head home to New York. Ostensibly she is going home to help Clint who has also coincidentally gotten himself into an equal sized mess there. His mess included the tracksuits, a cadre of bad guys and the assassin they hired to take him out. The assasin is responsible for Clint’s hearing damage and for Barney being in a wheelchair. Which boils down to Barney sticking by Clint and sticking around (for now) and someone really wanting Clint dead. So he did a thing he’s not very good at: asked his friends for help.

Also we got some really juicy back-story details from Clint’s childhood and there were a Phil Coulson cameo! All in all these issues are definitely worth purchasing. 

Anonymous asked: I AM SO CONFUSED. So the marvel now! hawkeye comics are just freakin awesome so i wanna read them. But I'm just getting into comics and there is no store near me so I'm doing it all on amazon. So could you just help me out a little bit. I would like to know how many volumes I need to buy. Like I know vol. 1 my life as a weapon has issues 1-5, then vol. 2 little hits has 6-10. But every website has different stuff for vol.3 and I'm so confused. Can you please try clear this up for me? Thank you.

The current run of Hawkeye has only two collected editions to this point. Any trades listed as Volume three will be from previous runs of Hawkeye which are as follows Hawkeye 1983, Hawkeye 1994, Hawkeye 2003, and Hawkeye the current run Hawkeye 2012.

If you are looking for the trade of the current just be patient. I am certain it will be along.



So much canon for Clint waking up tied to a chair.

Um, I might have written Clint waking up tied to a chair once. Or twice.


I should really write something like that again…

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